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Why Internet Marketing – Cheap – But Its A Business

When my restaurant crashed and burned, not literally – though at times it might have been easier, I knew I wanted to have my own business so when someone asked me ‘why internet marketing’ I said, ‘why not?’. I mean think about it, it cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars to start up a restaurant. I had to hire staff, train staff, advertise, buy food and beverages,etc. With an online business I could start literally for free, to me that seemed like a no brainer.

But one thing I quickly learned, is that having an online business that you can work from home has it’s own unique challenges. For one thing, working from home. I always laugh when I see those commercials on t.v. about starting an online business and the people are so tickled because they get to work in their p.j.’s… big deal. Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home but before you dive in you have to make sure it’s for you. Some people just aren’t cut out for it.

For one thing, you have to make sure that you can kick yourself in the rear so that you don’t blow off work to go lay by the pool (o.k. I’ve done that). You also have to make sure that your family understands that just because you’re home doesn’t mean you’re available. Let them know when your office hours are and that when you are ‘at work’ that they have to leave you alone.

If you want to succeed online you have to make sure that you invest some time and money into a course that will teach you the skills you need. You don’t have to learn everything before you get started but you do need a fairly strong grasp of some basic concepts.

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The first of these is the ability to drive traffic to a website. There are many ways you can do this, for now though stick with free methods like article marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. I wouldn’t even bother to invest in any course to learn pay per click (PPC) at this point since it has a steep learning curve and it’s expensive.

You should also consider starting your online career by becoming an affiliate. When you sign up to become an affiliate you are simply agreeing to drive traffic to a website, if a sale is made you will receive a commission. Simple. You don’t need to stock any products or talk to anyone to make a sale, just drive traffic. It’s also free to sign up to become an affiliate. Of course, if your job is to drive traffic, you need to know how to drive traffic.

Before you jump into an online business take stock of what I’ve told you. It’s important that you go into it with the right mindset so you don’t get overwhelmed. There is a lot of hype online, be careful you don’t fall into any of it but with all the advantages it’s easy to see why internet marketing is a great career choice for many people.

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