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Who Are The Internet Marketing Experts

When you are first starting out and learning Internet Marketing you look at the experts to learn from them. Some of these experts are known as ‘gurus’ and these are the ones that are earning incredible incomes online. In recent times it seems as though there are so called gurus popping up everywhere. So how do you know who are the real experts and who are the ‘fakes’? Here are some tips on how to know who the real internet marketing experts are.

1. Is the expert actually making money by doing what he is teaching others to do? There are many people out there selling ideas of how to make money but they are actually making money from selling those ideas and not from actually following the system they are selling. These ‘experts’ will often advice to stay away from the Internet Marketing niche because it is too competitive and they recommend marketing in less competitive niches. However, often they haven’t been in the less competitive niches themselves.

2. Are they an open book? Some experts will show you everything, including the niche that they are making money in. Other experts won’t show you their niche because they fear others will copy them and the niche will become over-saturated. However, if they can’t show you the niche they are actually making money in then how can they really show you real examples or real proof that their system works?

3. Does their system include a step by step plan? The best teachers are the ones that give you easy to follow, step by step instructions. They leave no guess work; everything is set out in easy to follow steps making it simple for you to follow the system and profit with it.

4. Do you believe them? Many ‘make money online’ products make huge income claims such as ‘Make $50,000 in a Month’ or other unbelievable claims. It isn’t that difficult to make a claim like this and it isn’t even that difficult to Photoshop Clickbank or Paypal screenshots to make it look like you are making more money than you actually are. Those who make unrealistic claims are probably not making as much money as they are claiming. Real internet marketing experts will make realistic income claims that you too can reach.

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5. Can you follow the plan? There are many different methods for making money online and some you may feel you can do and others you may not be so keen on. Some strategies will include lots of writing and article marketing while others will use more pay per click advertising. Some plans will involve creating and selling websites or doing offline marketing. You need to find a system that you are comfortable with and that you think you will enjoy doing.

6. Are they claiming you can make money without doing any work? I’m sorry, but these claims are just ridiculous. If I sit and stare at my computer screen all day I’m not going to magically start making money. Earning money takes work and sometimes it can be tedious and hard work. Making money requires work and anyone that tells you any different is someone to stay far away from.

7. Is the system ethical? There are many ethical ways to make money online and unfortunately there are some unethical ways. You have to live with yourself and be comfortable with the decisions that you make so if you want to have a clear conscience then make sure what you are doing is ethical.

It is good to have an internet marketing expert to learn from and there are many good one’s out there, just make sure that you can trust the one that you choose.

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