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Traffic Exchange Programs

Building a website is totally meaningless if nobody ever sees it. After all, you have a site on the World Wide Web so others can view it. Therefore, generating traffic to your webpage should be one of your main goals. Traffic exchange programs are one of the easiest ways to get traffic, and the best part is that most of them have a free option so you don’t have to worry about an advertising budget right away.

Traffic exchange programs all work on the same basic principle: members earn views to their sites by viewing the sites of other members in the exchange. To do this you need to create an account with an exchange and then list your website with them. You will then log in to the traffic exchange site to view the sites. Most exchanges require you to view each site for a set amount of time to earn your credit, and you often have to view at least two sites to get one visit to your site.

You will build up more and more credits as you view more sites. Many members earn 100 visits or more to their sites every day, and don’t pay a single penny to do it. However, they do have to invest several hours viewing hundreds of sites to earn those visits. You can always do it this way if you like, but most traffic exchange programs have options to help you spend less time trying to get visitors to your site.

One way of doing this is to upgrade your level of service, and most exchanges offer more than one level of upgrades. For example, if as a free member you have to visit four sites to earn one visitor back to yours, then the lowest level of upgrade may give you one visit for every three you make. The next level up may require you to make two visits, and the next highest would be an even one-to-one exchange, and the highest level could give you two visitors for each one visit you make. These upgrades can help, but they will still require you to invest some time surfing the sites at the exchange.

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The next way to save time is to buy visitors directly from the exchange. When you do this there is no need for you to do any surfing of your own, as you will be buying a guaranteed number of visitors for a flat amount. This saves a lot of time, but you should always see how well the traffic converts from any particular exchange before you buy visitors from it. Remember, most of the people who will be viewing your site are only doing so for the purpose of earning visits to their site, so you need to make sure that your offer resonates with the users of the exchange.

Traffic exchange programs are a good option for advertising your website. They are easy to use, though a bit time consuming if you don’t upgrade, and are a free way to start attracting visitors to your site.

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