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What Is Mass Communication?

Many people are confused and miss their mark when it comes to mass communication. They believe that they are sending their message out to everyone. This is a recipe for disaster and a loss of valuable marketing dollars.
Even with mass communication, you must select your target audience.
Mass means many people, but it doesn’t mean everyone.
If you think of the saying "if you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one", this applies quite well here.

Every one has their own tastes, desires, goals and needs.
For example you wouldn’t try to sell a 2-seater sports car to a family of four or five looking for a 6-seater with plenty of storage or baggage room.
Or try to sell and jungle hiking adventure to seniors with a walker.
No matter what your product or service is and whether you are trying to sell to many or just a few, it is important to know what your target market is.

I know that some people cringe at this, yet the most successful people always due their homework first and understand who would buy what they are selling.
Now you may state that the above examples are obvious and yes, but I was trying to make a clear point of why you should know whom to sell. However not all products and services are that clear.
Their have been many examples of people who have thought they knew who they where selling to and didn’t make a dime. Then when they received help and redirected to another market, they became very successful.

Yes, it takes time and effort. The more important question is, "just how successful do you want to be?" Most people would agree that they didn’t start up a business just to fail, yet without getting your foundation set, that is what many people each month are doing, failing.

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So, figure out your target market <b> and then, </b> find out how they gain or get the information that they need.
Is it through direct marketing, television, newspapers, trade journals, magazines? Once again, it doesn’t do you any good even if you know your target market, if they never receive the information. Some professionals never read flyers and direct mail, but always read their trade journal.

<b> The 3rd piece of the puzzle </b> is that most people need to see your ad at least 3 times before it registers or that they are willing to buy. You can’t just advertise once and go well that didn’t work. You need to commit to seeing it through. So planning your budget for the duration is also important.

Mass communication can be very rewarding and give you brand and name recognition and increase your credibility. It just takes commitment, research and time to do it right.

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