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Your Keyword Internet Marketing Strategy Is Cruical To Your Success

Keyword internet marketing strategy is something you need to understand very well before you begin your online business. Everything online is geared to getting as much traffic as you can and to do that you need to know which keywords your would be customers are searching for and target those keywords.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? And, in reality, it’s not rocket science but before you jump in to the deep end you need to understand that more goes into good keyword research than just finding out which keywords your customers are using.

For example, let’s say you have a website that sells baby strollers. You would assume that anyone interested in buying a baby stroller would use keywords like "baby stroller" "cheap baby stroller", "baby stroller sales", "baby stroller on sale", etc.

But do you have any idea how many people search for those terms? Do you know how many other competitors are trying to get their websites to rank for those terms (how competitive they are)? Do you know what other terms people may be searching for?

In order to make the most out of your keyword internet marketing strategy you need a full picture, not just an "idea" of what keywords will work and which ones won’t.

Targeting a keyword that gets 100,000 searches a month sounds like a sound strategy and a great way to make huge money. But, not so fast, if it were that easy everyone online would be a millionaire.

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The problem is that the keywords that get hundreds of thousands of monthly searches also have a ton of competition. All of these other websites are fighting over that one little keyword crumb. Many of these sites have full time staffs dedicated to optimizing their website so they can rank well for that keyword. Most beginners and small online business owners simply can’t compete.

Not to worry, though, there are many other very viable strategies to follow. The simplest one is to find longer keyword phrases (longtailed keywords) and target those instead.

It’s true, they may only get a few thousand searches a month but they will also have far less competition. And, you can target as many of these long tailed keywords as you want.

So, why fight over the scraps when you can target a dozen or so long tailed keywords that are all getting a 1,000 searches a month? By using this strategy you could very realistically get about 12,000 visitors a month to your website! Not too shabby. Let the big boys fight over the other keywords while you just quietly go about your business.

Ultimately, your online business will live or die by the quantity and quality of the website visitors you get to your site. No matter what method you use to get those visitors, you will need a solid keyword internet marketing strategy. I hope I’ve shown you that trying to go after the highly competitive keywords is more work and most likely won’t net you much reward."

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