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Working At Home – How Do You See It?

"The trouble with most people is that they think with their hopes or fears or wishes rather than with their minds.

Fear of the unknown and doubting ones ability to achieve success have stopped many good people from achieving their goals

If we could see the future, we all would be rich. Our lives would be almost mistake free and we would have very few problems. But, alas, we can’t see what will happen down the road.

It’s this fear of the unknown that has held many people back in many areas of their lives, especially in the area of starting their own business, particularly a work at home business.

I realize there are many scams out there but there are also many legitimate ones that you can make money with and the negative mindset has stopped many people from even trying.

Many people see themselves as failing before they even start. They see themselves as not having the time, money, or know-how to make their own business work. They see what they "think" should or will happen.

They are also influenced by others who tell them they can’t do it. The basis of what they see is a mindset – one that says, "Others can succeed in this but I can’t."

So you see, people don’t start their own work at home businesses not because they don’t have the time, money, or know-how. They don’t start because they have a negative mindset. They simply believe that it won’t work for them.

They feel they are cursed to failure, cursed to live week to week, cursed to always work for somebody else, cursed to working 40 or more hours a week, for 40 years, and hope they will have enough money to survive, much less do anything else.

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"You can learn anything you need to learn to achieve any goal you can set for yourself; there are no limits."

So, how do you change this mindset? Well, it isn’t easy. All of our lives, we have been told that, "You can’t do that" by friends and family. We have been programmed to think negatively. Reprogram your mind by flushing out the negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. I am not talking about some magical or mystical formula here. Although volumes of books have been written on the subject, here a couple of simple tips.

First, try to surround yourself with positive people and avoid, as best as you can, the negative folks. Begin to read books written by motivational speakers such as Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Dale Carnegie, and others that deal with thinking the right way and sit in on seminars and teleconferences that deal with changing the way you think.

There are even work at home opportunities whose sole basis is showing people how to be successful by changing the way they think.

It won’t happen overnight but eventually you start to see yourself thinking in a different light. The "I can’t" will become "I can."

You will stop doubting yourself. You will begin to see that you can do it. You will step out and do things you thought you would never do. In closing, let me share a quote with you from Napoleon Hill:

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

Think about it!

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